EPB Fiber services include:

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) Dedicated Internet Access provides business customers with a direct, symmetrical, high speed, fiber optic connection to the Internet.   
Current speeds range from 2 Mbps up to 100 Mbps.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone service provides phone service with all the features you expect and unlimited domestic long distance. Access your voice customer portal by clicking here:     https://myphone.franklin-ky.net

Point to Point (PTP) Point to Point circuits provide business customers with dedicated bandwidth using managed fiber optic transport between two locations.

Dark Fiber provides business customers with a physical fiber optic connection from one point to another. Customers must use their own equipment at each endpoint to “light” the fiber and facilitate data transport.

Local Service on Franklin’s only all fiber network.  Partnering with EPB fiber not only delivers reliable and affordable service to your company, it gives your business access to our qualified, trained and knowledgeable staff, ready to meet your broadband and phone needs. We are only a local call away. No 800 numbers. No service centers located states away. You are connected to a staff member familiar with your company, your needs and your services.

For more information contact:

Wayne Goodrum
Business Development Manager
Phone: 270-586-4441




Contact Information

Office Hours:
Monday through Friday
7:30 am- 4:30 pm

309 N High St
Mailing address is PO Box 349 Franklin, Ky 42135

Contact Information:
Phone (270) 586-4441
Fax (270) 586-4444
Power outage (270) 776-0338
Street or Security Light problem -
(270) 586-4441

After hours, power outage
or other electrical emergency

please call (270) 776-0338.

Heat Pump Financing Program Heat pump financing is available for qualified customers. Please call 1-866-756-5106 if interested.


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